Auratransformation is the curse of the new age

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Auratransformation is the curse of the new age because it gives you the illusion of something else

This is my opinion after what I have gone through myself and the experience I have got from helping my clients get rid of it.

After my blogg ”My way into, through and out of auratransformation” it has happend a lot in my life, private as professional. That I have lots of insights into what auratransformation, here on called AT, is and what it does to our energy system.

First I want to say that after my AT, and the addition to be Aura Mediator, was gone in may 2017 and have worked hard with removing AT from my clients (I’ve removed over 50 AT – June 2020 – and some of them were on Aura Mediators), I have changed my view about AT. AT is a curse and will do no good for you. Ok, you might be more aware of yourself and your own energy but that experience will cost you a lot.

My experiences
After my AT was removed I felt extremly good, I got my connection with my spiritual team back and I had recieved a fantastic healing from the spiritual realm, Star Chakra Healing, which is so powerful it can remove AT and I get upgrades once or twice a year. My first five months I removed more AT than performed as an Aura Mediator in six years.

What I discovered during my work with my clients was that the energy system was damaged in different ways. The problems was at the same place, only the presented way was different. A natural aura is flexible depending on the health, the mood and what situation we’re in. That exactly the way it shall be and the way it’s created. When an AT is performed a new aura is created and it is non flexible. To make the new aura stay put it must be anchored. To do that you must violate one or several chakra. After that the chakra can’t function normally and the contact to the energy flow between the chakras is affected. The contact with Mother Earth and your spiritual part is broken. This affects your grounding and a part of your soul is removed.

If you are highly sensitive you are the major target group for those who work with AT. They say you get more grounded, your are your own boss in your own life and it would be easier to say ”no”. When the AT is performed on you, you lose your natural grounding, like you’re confined in an aquarium or a greenhouse. You’re cut out from your environment and can be much more aware of your self and your energy without the distraction from your surroundings. Highly sensitive persons are by nature much more aware of everybody around them than themselves so the first time with an AT can feel very positive. This can make you feel grounded, but that’s an illusion. You can keep your energy for your self much easier because your energy don’t reach the other and the others energy don’t reach you. In other words, you have a wall around you.

When the connection with your spiritual part is cut a part of your soul is lost. You also loose the contact with the spiritual world. The AT people may tell you that it’s not good to have contact with the spiritual world because spirital entities can control you, that it’s best to have total control over your own energy. But what’s happening is that you are divided. Your spritual part is separated from your physical part and that means you get wounded in your energy. You are both a spiritual and a physical beeing. If they are separated you are mutilated.

The longer time you have the AT the more effect you get on the physical level and it’s easy to be addicted to treatment from an aura mediator. When the AT is removed it’s very important to get rid of everything, otherwise the risk is high you get a regrowth which I have personal experience with.
Six months after my AT had been removed I started having back pains, cramps which affected my breathing. Sometimes the pain was so severe I couldn’t work and help the increasing numbers of clients who whished to remove AT. All my energy was gone, I got more physical problems, inflammations in joints and muscles and if it hadn’t been for Shivani Hjertestrand, a fantastic therapist who has many years of experience and knowledge around health problems, I don’t know where I’ve been today.

During the time I went through treatment I participated in a course of Intuitive Multi dimensional healing in the beginning of september 2018. During the course I got many new tools for my Star Chakra Healing but what really touched me was the other course members experience of my energy system. None of them had any personal experience of AT or Aura Mediators, that I had been, and they found many things that had regrown. They found strange things in my back and in my blood. When they had removed it nearly all my pain disappeared at once. Then they performed a soul retrieval on me and I felt immedialtely my soul fragment came home to me and I started to cry. I cried of happiness to finally be whole again and I cried of sorrow to have been separated from a part of myself for seven years. The soul fragment which has been gone was now back and I can promise you it was marvellous to be whole again. When I got home I treated my husband, removed the remains from his AT and performed a soul retrieval which makes him feel whole too. Guess who’s enjoying life more now than before.

What’s happening during the auratransformation?
By signing the contract you’re denying to have access to your own energy system. The Earth is unique because it’s only here we have the free will. When you sign the contract you resign your free will. What other treatment have such regulations? If you’re going to have an operation, does the doctor require your signature on a paper where you take all the responsibility for the treatment? Something to think about.

You lose contact with Mother Earth. What feels grounding and stable is not a greater contact with Mother Earth but an effect from you feeling yourself and your energy so strong. You are not more grounded, that’s an illusion.

You lose contact with your spiritual being. When you are parted from your spiritual being you get fragmented, mutilated. You also lose the possibillity to develop your spiritual side.

The longer you have your AT the more it affects your physical body and blocking your normal body functions and that can leed to sad impact.

It is difficult, but not impossible, to remove and repair the damage after an AT. There is a risk something is missed and can lead to improper regrowth which can affect your system negatively.

Personality development

For me, personal development is personal. That doesn’t mean that others can come and manipulate my own energy system. Healing shall be for cleaning, repairing and upgrading my own system, not a playground for others to perform experiments. When I work with clients I’m highlightning the clients own personality and help them get stronger in that part so they can take more control over their own life. I doesn’t matter if I work with life coaching or Star Chakra Healing. My opinion is that the number one rule on Earth – the free will – overrides in a very foul way when an AT is performed. That is not ethical viable. What is the agenda? To constrain human ascension? I wonder.

Nowadays I perform Advanced Star Chakra Healing for the removal of AT and other limiting initiations. That means that I perform two healing sessions a couple of weeks apart, one for removing AT and soul retrieval and one for checking that everything is gone.

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